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Skin Care

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Research indicates that self-confident people perform well at work and have secure relationships. Great looking skin makes one feel good and adds to self-confidence. While some people are born with flawless skin, others have to work hard to achieve it. Even individuals blessed with a lovely complexion need to take care of their skin regularly.

Natural skin care involves the application of naturally occurring materials to cleanse, refresh, and nourish skin. These materials are readily available, inexpensive, and harmless unless one is allergic to any of them.

Different skin types require different skin care products and beauty regimens. People with normal skin can use a number of natural aids to enhance their looks. A mask made of fresh apple juice and honey can be applied on the face and neck and rinsed off after 20 minutes. A mix of orange-peel powder, oatmeal, and milk can also be used effectively.

Oily skin tends to be problematic, especially during adolescence. A mask of raw egg whites and freshly squeezed lemon juice can help to reduce the oiliness. This mask should be washed off with warm water. A mask made with grated cucumber and rosewater can also work magic on oily skin

Dry skin tends to get drier with age and to look rough. A concoction of mashed ripe banana, honey, and olive oil can be applied to refresh and nourish dry, tired-looking skin. Ripe strawberries, mashed and mixed with fresh cream can also be used.

Two masks should ideally be applied on combination skin, simultaneously. One mask should take care of the T-zone and the other, the rest of the face and the neck. Alternatively, one can add olive or almond oil to the same mask to take care of the drier areas. A mask made of oatmeal and yogurt can be applied to the T-zone. Honey can be added to this mask, for the drier zone.

To sum up, natural skin care can improve the texture of all skin types, at a minimum cost. However, this care has to be supplemented with a nutritious, low-fat diet, regular exercise, and plentiful sleep to obtain glowing skin that earns praise.

By Josh Riverside